Those things you never wanted to talk about.: What people need to know about KONY 2012


This is a campaign to get the word out, to shine a light on the crimes Joseph Kony has committed. We know that just getting the word out won’t do much. The point of this campaign is to share the story and Make him known so people show concern. The point is to reach out to politicians and to…


Some of you might wonder why people have suddenly decided to take this up at this time and why Kony is the center of attention. Well, the answer is simple. We’ve got to start somewhere. The world may never be perfect but we can all contribute to improving it.

KONY 2012 (by invisiblechildreninc)

Spread the WORD. Make change happen!!


The Adventure Project is committed to sustainable clean water access in rural India. Learn more and join our adventure at


Today’s Show: ‘Help My Drug-Addicted Daughters’

Anderson responds to a desperate plea for help from a mom who is scared for her two daughters’ lives — both girls are addicted to oxycodone.

For Meghan and Molly, making a change this takes tremendous support. All day today, go to Twitter and tweet your support and encouragement to Meghan and Molly. Use hashtag #Anderson, #MeghanAndMolly.


Peace Corps Volunteers John Hart and Caroline Lucas helped launch a women-owned small business in Armenia selling and producing handmade stuffed bears. Since the Berd Bear project started in March 2011, the women have sold 230 bears, and generated thousands of dollars.

“The women of Berd are incredibly talented and hardworking. They put a lot of pride into their craft, which is evident in each carefully and lovingly handmade bear,” said Lucas. “As sales of the Berd Bear increase, more local Armenian women are able to work in full-time positions with the BWRCF.”

Additional income generated by sales of the Berd Bear is used to provide members of the foundation with training classes in basic computer skills, business development and other topics.

“Aside from the financial benefits generated by bear sales, the women are also gaining business and leadership skills,” continued Lucas. “Now, these women can help support their families.”


Nyuso za Tanzania, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Portraits of the kindest people I have ever met whilst living in Tanzania, serving in the Peace Corps.

It’s never to late to change. To be who you want to be. To make a change.


Spotlight Photo: This past October, the staff at Good Neighbors Bangladesh celebrated the opening of a child hostel center to give impoverished kids a home. Instead of living on the streets, these kids now have a place to sleep, meals to eat, and they’re attending school. 


“The price of the ticket for life is to leave the world a better place than you found it. That’s the minimum payment that we owe for the privilege of having spent time on this planet. Make sure that you at least pay the minimum dues.”

-Phil Wilson, Founder of Black AIDS Institute